[Terra]cotta Paste products are 100% handmade and paraben, sulfate, and artificial and toxic anything free. They use all natural organic ingredients. Their goal is to provide products that will not harm our bodies or the Earth.download

Leanne is the owner of [Terra]cotta paste and she really knows her stuff. She’s very knowledgable and professional and I first found her selling at the Plymouth Farmer’s Market about 3 years ago.

I started with t359905260he Primrose Trail Moisturizing Oil for it’s anti-aging properties like Evening Primrose Oil which is rich in GLA, a substance converted from omega-6 fatty acids. GLA helps to prevent water loss which keeps the skin moisturized naturally. GLA also increases elasticity, improves firmness and replaces rough skin with soft skin. It also contains olive oil and anti-aging Essential Oils and it smells wonderful. I used it morning and night and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Not only has my redness been reduced but so have my wrinkles. I also put it on my neck at night. I’ve also used her Under Eye Oil and have been amazed at how it reduces my puffiness in the mornings.


298268632Leanne also makes natural cleaning supplies like Duck Soup Spray for the kitchen, which has been a miracle for me because it cleans my white counters without bleach. And The Fungus Amongus, cleans the mold in my shower without the harsh smell of bleach or scrubbing bubbles and it’s only ingredients are water, vinegar and tea tree oil!

I feel so good using Leanne’s products not just because her skin care line makes me look younger (ahem!) and not only because her all-natural cleaning products really work without the toxic smells, but I absolutely love that the products are sustainable. In the Spring, Summer and Fall, you can find [Terra]cotta Paste at local Michigan Farmer’s Markets or you can order online. If you order something over $35 you will get free shipping. The products come wrapped in gorgeous, earthy tissue papers and are in brown, recyclable bottles. Leanne also offers a recycling program for returning her containers and she will give you a discount towards your next purchase.



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