Excuse my Mojo Monday post on Tuesday, but we had some internet problems over the weekend.

I wanted to let you know about a fun new app that I recently discovered from my friend Jana Holden. It’s called Waterlogue and it has really changed the way I see my art. Really it is a photo app, but I’ve been using it on my mixed media and watercolor art to see the “what ifs”. I also use it in my flower photos to better understand how to turn them into real watercolors.

First I took a photo of my hibiscus in my front garden and ran it through Waterlogue to see what it may look like in watercolor and see where the light falls on it and the shading.


Isn’t it pretty? I want to paint it now!

Here is a mixed media painting of a bird and teacup that when I ran it through the app turned into a line drawing with watercolor and I just fell in love. This is a style I would love to begin exploring!

IMG_2225IMG_0955IMG_0954   IMG_0957

Here are a few more…

IMG_2277    IMG_0962

IMG_2269 IMG_2270 IMG_2271

Anyway, you get the idea, right? I especially love the way my sketchbook painting looks as a black and white line drawing, don’t you?

Okay, on to the good stuff! Here are three artists that I want to introduce you to! You may already know of them but if not, you are in for a real treat. They all inspire me with their beautiful artwork but also their approachability and willingness to share their knowledge and support.

Danielle Donaldson
I’ve know Danielle since my ScrapArtist days when I first fell in love with her dreamy watercolor style, her sweet and sassy girls and her amazing hand-lettering. She is a bundle of energy and always has great ideas not just for her art for for how we, as artists, can connect and support one another in our work. I love that about her! Here is a link to her website. Danielle teaches workshops online and sells her prints online as well and will be teaching with Donna Downey in an upcoming workshop in May of 2015 so book your spot now! 😉

Yaz Raja
I first saw Yaz’s gorgeous work on Pinterest and I stalked (er, I mean emailed) her right away to tell her how much I connected with her art. She was very sweet and emailed me right back answering all my questions. Yaz is a UK surface pattern design artist and works mostly in watercolor and gouache and her paintings are always infused with color and energy! You can see her work in her Society 6 shop as well as on her blog.

Erica Hite
Erica is an illustrator and surface pattern designer that I met online in Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells Bootcamp. Erica’s illustrative style and fun colorful and whimsical designs drew me in right away so of course I emailed her! LOL! I loved looking at her blog and seeing her process from sketch to illustration and she chatted with me and told me about some classes that she was taking and how she works in Illustrator. You can check out Erica’s blog and her Society 6 shop for more!

I hope you enjoyed this Artsy Blog posting today as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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