Well it was another fun MATS (Make Art That Sells) Bootcamp month over at Lilla Roger’s studio!!

This month the mini assignment was to draw jello. yes, you heard me correctly — that wiggly, jiggly stuff that was so popular in the 60’s and 70’s. We looked at several forms of jello – vintage ads (some of these are kind of gross. if you don’t believe me – google! LOL), jello books, molds and even jello shots! tee hee

It was a blast and this month I loosened myself up a bit by just drawing what I felt like – in addition to jello, jello molds, I doodled flowers, circles and whatever popped into my head. It was very freeing. I even drew a “jello girl” with a mold on her head and a story emerged. What if this girl only ate dessert? Or always ate dessert first? I liked that story!

I bought a cheap journal and kept it in my purse, along with my pencils, microns, tombows and watercolor brush. Wherever I went, I drew and painted and I decided that I am going to do this on a regular basis not just for assignments because I ended up using some of these original, rough drawings in my finished piece.




Next, I got out my gouache paints and went a little crazy with jello and backgrounds and florals. I love the intensity of the pigments in gouache and how it’s like watercolor but more opaque.


IMG_0944  IMG_0947

Once I had everything scanned in, I still wasn’t sure where this was going so I played around a bit and discovered that if I took my original jello gouache & sketchbook images and used them as clipping masks for the painted backgrounds and florals, it had a really cool effect.

The final assignment for this month is bolt fabric, so I worked on making my jello and dessert images into an 8×8 inch repeat in Photoshop….


And here is my final submission for the bolt fabric/jello assignment….


Several things came together for this MATS assignment for me. One. I am continuing to learn to trust my instincts when it comes to my creativity and to do what I think is cool, not to worry if others will like it. When I clipped my backgrounds to my sketches it was like a light bulb went on for me and I loved what I had made. Two. I learned not to discard sketches in my sketchbook because they somehow made it into my fabric design – as background elements or accents.

Three. I learned to make a repeat in Photoshop. I had learned how to do this in Illustrator, but had to relearn it for Pshop. I am still not happy with my repeats because they aren’t as loose as I make them for 12″x12″ scrapbook paper, but I will continue to keep trying!

I decided to turn these designs into digital scrapbook papers, so look for them Friday in my shoppe!


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