Good Monday morning to you!! It is a beautiful fall morning here — cool & crisp and wonderful! No matter how bad a night’s sleep I get, (which seems to be happening more and more as I approach a “certain age” —ahem!) I always feel happy when I drive Ellie to school then come into my new studio. There is something fresh and wonderful about it.

The drive to school is so much fun because even though the girl’s are crabby because it’s early and I’m crabby because of the traffic, I love hearing them chat about school, horses, etc! Then, when I come into my studio, I love opening the door and seeing everything being right where I left it night before and that my dogs haven’t chewed my artwork again! LOL!  That alone can lift your spirits, right? 😉

This morning as I sat down in front of computer with my latte (bad habit!) and wondered what to blog about, I thought MOOD BOARDS!!! I have, of late, become a sort of Mood Board Junkie!

Now, I’ve always used these for my design work and for my paper designing but I called them “inspiration pieces”. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and post them in a journal and called it my “personal discovery journal” (you’d be surprised at how the images in that journal have manifested in my life over the years!), and, of course, I now have a giant inspiration board in my office on which I hang artwork, photos and quotes that speak to me. Here’s a picture of it…


I first heard of the term “Mood Board” in an online class I am taking on Surface Pattern Design. Artists are given Mood Boards to help inspire them visually in color and theme and hone in on a design or collection. An interior designer can use them when decorating a space and writers also use mood boards when developing a storyline.

According to Wikipedia, “A mood board is a type of collage that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a
composition of the choice of the mood board creator. Designers and
others use mood boards to develop their design concepts and to
communicate to other members of the design team.”

Mood boards can be done digitally of course, in fact, Pinterest, is basically a changing, organic, digital and highly addictive mood board (don’t get me started on Pinterest or I may never finish
this post!) 🙂 but they can also be created using physical items.

Here’s a mood board  which is essentially a photo of a physical mood board that someone created —brilliant! I just love the color here..


Next, is a digitally created mood board for interior design for a child’s nursery…


And here is one for a Rustic Kitchen

They can range from the eclectic…


To the more traditional…


Here is a mood board just for Fall that I love…

And, if you are on Pinterest, visit my Mood Board board! 🙂

Here is a snapshot of it…

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.39.59 AM

Okay, now I dare you not to go out and create a Mood Board, in whatever format you want! Excuse me while I go visit a certain website that starts with a P and ryhmes with “Interest”. Tee hee…

Happy Creating!

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