Hello! Happy Monday to you… it is a gorgeous fall day here in Michigan and I’m very blessed to have a park near my studio where I can walk, jog or bike. Right now, the leaves are just beginning to change and even though it’s warm & sunny here there is a little crispness to the air, which I just love!

Today, I am working on an online class and one of the assignments was to sketch with pen, pencil or whatever medium you wish, items that you find in nature. I decided to head out on my walk to collect whatever caught my fancy. I love flowers, but I was looking for more wispy, twigs and leaves. First, I started off from my office and headed out to Hines Park. The evidence of fall was all around me…




On my walk I found a lot of goodies! Once I got back to the studio, I sorted through them and picked out my favorites.

Next, I sketched them using a combination of marker and graphite. I really enjoyed this process. I’m not sure where it will lead, but it helped me to view nature in a different way and I came up with some great motifs that I may use in a scrapbook paper or other surface pattern design down the road.


I hope you enjoyed this process and that you might choose to use it in your own work. Taking pictures really helps too, esp. since some of these may dry and out and change their look later on (which may lead to a cool and totally different motif!)


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