I found an amazing product today that I wanted to share with you….Booda Butter!

I was at my local health food store just looking around when I saw this little guy smiling at me!

It made me happy…so, of course I needed to investigate! Lol! First, I opened the tester and smelled it. A wonderful aroma of shea, coconut and cocoa hit me! Aaaah! Next, I dug into the body butter. It was rich and creamy and covered my skin in an instant. It felt wonderful! At first it was a little greasy but then it soaked in and my skin drank it up! It says on the container that in addition to using Booda Butter as a moisturizer for skin, you can also use it on your lips and hair. Here is a link to the many ways to use this lovely product.

I love that its made from pure ingredients, handmade and vegan. I’ll be using Booda Butter mostly on my psoriasis, but you can also run a bit through your hair to tame your frizzies, use it on your lips, as a makeup remover or scalp massage oil…or even use it for post tattoo treatment! 😉

My favorite part about taking this tin home with me (besides the happy Buddha!) is the smell of chocolate that follows me around now!




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