Well, I got off track with my juicing and guess what? My psoriasis came right back again. I am beginning to think this juice is the key for me. I’ve also been reading about Candidiasis and believe that this is at the heart of my skin problems. It makes sense, since I used steroid creams on my arms & legs for so many years, as well as corticosteroids in my asthma inhalers. Sigh.

I’m realizing that an alkalizing diet is more important than ever to heal my gut and get rid of the yeast.  I’m also trying to watch my sugars because yeast feeds on this. In addition to the green juices, I am taking Glutamine, an amino acid that helps to heal the intestinal lining along with my probiotics. I have heard great things about Capyrlic Acid and it’s effects on killing off candida albicans. If you have any suggestions for clearing candida or success stories, I’d love to hear them!

So it’s back to daily green juices for me and this is my go-to juice. I also took a picture of the juicer that I use. I have an old Champion Juicer  that I got before our wedding in 1995. I think I’ve used it more in the past few months that I did in all the years prior! 🙂 It’s really still a great machine.



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Green Glow Juice
  1. Put everything through your juicer and enjoy!

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