Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a great day wherever you are. Today it is sunny here and although its only in the 30's I swear I can smell Spring, which makes it a very happy Monday for this girl! 🙂

I have been having such a blast lately creating my own stamps! I love to use the Speedball, with rubber (I just buy the cheap rubber blocks from Dick Blicks) but I also love making my own foam stamps. Want to join me?! To do this you will need:

• woodburner
• craft foam (I just buy the 99 cent sheets at Michaels) in WHITE & BLACK
• mask for odor (it gets stinky)
• safety glasses
• glue gun
• scissors or exacto knife
• tracing paper (optional)
• pencil (optional)


You can either draw (or trace) your image onto the tracing paper or you can just burn into the foam freestyle as if you are drawing directly on the foam. I did a combination of both. To trace, using a soft pencil and draw on the tracing paper then flip it over and rub it onto the foam to transfer the image. If you are writing words you will need to write them backwards when burning directly onto the foam freestyle. If you use tracing paper, you will be fine, because when you transfer it onto the foam it will be backwards.

Once you have your image transferred to the WHITE foam, use your woodburning tool to trace the image. Please get a mask made for odor and also wear glasses, as it can get really stinky and smokey. Don't be like me and burn these in your enclosed in basement 🙁 Work in a well ventilated area! Make sure you press down consistently but not too hard because you will get little dots in the foam. But don't worry too much because once you stamp with it, it is kind of perfect in it's IMPERFECTION and that's okay.

When you have all your images burned into the craft foam, cut them out with either scissors or an exacto knife. Mount them to the BLACK foam with a glue gun and then cut out the black foam. This gives you a nice raised backing to your stamps and will give you more even transfer when stamping. I use acrylic paint when I stamp with foam. I just rub it on with my fingers and I use a Mr. Clean magic eraser to clean them up.

I wish I could make a video to show you this process but I don't have
that set up. 🙁 I learned this technique from Mindy Lacefield in her
Neat Stuff course – she has a great video on making foam stamps!

Here are few closeups of my stamps and how I used them in my art journaling…






I love making my own stamps because I can create whatever my mind thinks up and I can tailor it to certain marks or images that I use over and over again in my art journals.

I've taken all these stamps (yes, I may have an addiction! LOL!) and created digital brushes for you! I am calling them Nan's Stamps (really, orginal, eh!?) and they will be available in my shoppe on Friday! 🙂





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