Hello! I hope you had a great weekend wherever you are! This week is filled with deadlines and tax preparation, but in the midst of everything I'm trying to find time to relax and enjoy. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle I forget just how blessed I am and so today I am spending time with my sweet daughter, Ellie. We're headed out to lunch & the movies… she is off for Winter Break.

I had a great weekend! I spent most of it sleeping in and painting LOL! This past weekend I spent about 3 days cleaning out my basement and reorganizing my little "studio". It has made such a difference in how I approach my art time. I used to hate going down there because it was so messy and cramped, but now my space feels more open and organized. Even though the cat litter box and spiders still exist alongside me while I create, I do love it! (I'd show you a picture, but you might still be horrified! LOL)

Yesterday I created my very first SheArt Canvas!! Christy Tomlinson teaches this workshop, along with many other great classes at her website, I love Christy's teaching style because she just explores as she goes and inspires you to do the same. There is no fear – just PLAYTIME! It's perfect because that is just what I need. I feel like a little girl playing with my paper dolls… so much FUN! If you haven't heard of these, go check them out! The price is nominal compared to the sheer amount of video tutorials and encouragement you get from Christy.


Here she is in all her glory! I just love her… I think she is me! And the message is one I need to remind myself of. She is hanging in my office directly about my computer, to remind me to explore!

Lastly, Friday night I went to a Patera jewelry class at Found, in Ann Arbor. My friend, Gail, went with me! It was amazing. The jewelry and art is already pre-made so you just have to add the resin, which makes it look like glass and put on a few jump rings. SO EASY and the jewelry turns out beautifully. I made earrings (not pictured) and a ring too!


I hope that you are finding time to enjoy and just play too! It can be fun and very healing…



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